DevOps in the world of large distributed systems

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  • Containers
  • Microservices

Last six years since the inception of the DevOps concept it has grown enormously and currently used or at least known by majority of the IT professionals. Recently, the IT industry started to change again and moving towards larger and more distributed systems. Containers with Docker, Kubernetes and other technologies and Microservices architecture are very strong drivers of this change. In this talk I’ll explore the impact these latest changes will have on the DevOps ideas.

Pini Reznik

Container Solutions

Pini has 15+ years of experience in delivering software in Israel and Netherlands. Starting as a developer and moving through technical, managerial and consulting positions in Configuration Management and Operations areas, Pini acquired deep understanding of the software delivery processes and currently helping organisations around Europe with improving software delivery pipeline by introducing Docker and other cutting edge technologies.

  13:30 - 14:15
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