The 3 principles behind Quby’s cloud strategy for Eneco Toon

  • Start-up
  • Cloud
  • DevOps

So, your cute little start-up is suddenly attracting serious number of customers. You find your DevOps engineers having a day job deploying and upgrading servers. Nobody knows anymore why those 14 subnets in your data center were really necessary and your automated deployment is failing because Puppet has performance problems.

The situation called for a fundamental change in the way we operated. Quby used 3 basic principles to escape the trap we were in. During this talk Michiel will tell you how this turned out and what he learned during the process.

Michiel Fokke


Michiel Fokke is a seasoned technology leader. He started his career in 1997 building the commercial internet backbone for KPN. He was ICT manager during the launch of an Internet Service Provider for KPN in Germany. After the collapse of internet bubble in 2001, he joined Orange Netherlands where he worked on the first version of the Mobile Internet built with GPRS and WAP. Prior to joining Quby in 2014 he has been a Principal IT Architect at CGI working for a range of clients in Telecommunications, Utilities, Finance and the public sector. As CTO of Quby he establishes the technology vision ranging from Hardware and Software Development to Big Data, security and privacy. Michiel has been the driving force behind Quby's public cloud transformation.

  13:30 - 14:15
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