Infrastructure in a DevOps world - Building platforms that let developers move fast

  • DevOps

Contrary to popular belief, DevOps does not mean that every developer just became a sysadmin, and all sysadmins are now out of a job. But the role of infrastructure teams is definitely moving in a direction where it is all about enabling, instead of fixing. About platforms, instead of servers. About usable abstractions and interfaces, instead of handovers and change processes. About APIs, continuous delivery, flexibility, scalability, and extreme availability. "Can you please deliver 99.999% of uptime, and do all platform maintenance without downtime?"  In this talk I will tell you about my experiences building platforms for product development teams, introduce guiding principles for building these platforms, and share how to address some of the challenges that come with them. 

Benny Cornelissen


Benny is an Infrastructure Architect at Avisi. Previously, he worked at Xebia, and TNT. He has a passion for automating everything, building cloud platforms, and wrestling pre-1.0 software. When he's not working, Benny enjoys riding bicycles, spending time with friends, playing guitar, and Belgian beer.

  11:50 - 12:35
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