Bart Hamer tells you why he visits ASAS 2017

Bart Hamer, Application Architect at CCV visits this year's edition of ASAS. ‘Great presentations by inspiring speakers'


Did you visit ASAS before?

Yes. I visited ASAS every consecutive edition, starting from 2014.

Why do you attend ASAS 2017?

To learn about the latest software architecture (and to a lesser extent Agile) trends and to get some wake up calls (usually provided by the ASAS keynote speakers). On the other hand, I do visit ASAS to broaden my professional network too.

What are your expectations?

I'm expecting some great presentations by inspiring speakers.

What do you hope to learn?

I hope to learn some quick wins that can be applied to my daily work. On the other hand I hope to acquire some new insights that will help us to make the right decisions for the software built by our company.