About ASAS

It's Awesome

ASAS is a Software Conference driven by practical solutions. At ASAS no less than 17 of the best international speakers will talk about Software Solutions, Agile, Software Architecture, DevOps and more. Take a look at our Photo Gallery of ASAS 2016 to experience how great it was last year. This year, we'll make sure you like ASAS even better! 


Learn, Inspire and get Inspired

Never stop learning! ASAS has been a stage for great speakers such as Joseph Pelrine, Jim Coplien and Simon Brown. This year we can add for example Mary Poppendieck, Sam Newman and Seth Vargo to that list! By listening to their talks you'll learn a great deal about their knowledge and experiences. But it doesn't stop there: connect with them after their talks. Get inspired by talking to them! Don't forget: they're people too. You can learn them things as well, maybe you can even inspire them! They'd really love that. 


Connect and Share

ASAS is like a meeting place for IT-Professionals. You really wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to connect with the all the other visitors of ASAS. Expand your professional network, share your knowledge and experiences and continue to do so after ASAS. There's really no better place to talk about your company and their company than at our conference while you're enjoying a great lunch or some really nice coffee. 


Help your Company!

Most of the companies could really improve by changing their software development as a whole. This is not as easy as pushing a button: you'll need to change your company's mindset, you'll need the right tooling and last but not least you'll need a good plan. The speakers at ASAS will help you by providing insight in what others do and what the latest technologies are. They'll prepare you to avoid making the common mistakes and help you with planning. This way the improvement of the software development is not just a dream, but a real possibility. That's how their talks will help you to improve your company! And by connecting with other professionals, you might just find some future business partners!



Learn from and engage with speakers; this topic is all about learning new patterns, hearing about best practices and finding out more about software architecture and agile principles.


This track is all about seeing real-world implementation of software architecture combined with agile principles.

This topic will shine a light on revolutionary trends that will shape tomorrows future in software practices.