Viktor Grgic


Viktor is a freelance Agile coach, architect and developer. He has trained architects and teams, introduced Scrum and occupied the role of (enterprise) architecture role in many companies such as KvK, Municipality of Amsterdam,, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam and Sdu Uitgevers. Viktor is an appreciated speaker who regularly gives talks about (mainly) Agile Architecture in different settings.

He is currently an Agile and Scrum coach and gives trainings in Hong Kong.

How to design and deliver large 24/7 systems in an agile manner

Track 1: Theory

How many significant decisions do we really make?

This is a story about replacing large 24/7 legacy systems, the way agile values are applied in dealing with architecture, quality, enterprise architecture questions. It is a story about dramatic new way in dealing with architectural questions where everyone is involved, just-in-time decisions, design for change, and simplicity.

  • Track 1: Theory
  • 13:55 - 14:30
  • Orionzaal


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